Need help with payroll? Is bookkeeping getting you down?

We’ll Mind the Books – you mind your business.

Mind the Books is different. I know, all businesses say that about themselves – but really, we are. I didn’t start this business to make a fortune (although, let’s be honest, we all need to make a living!), this business simply grew from what I was already doing: managing payrolls, balancing books, and keeping businesses financially on track.

My name is Helen Smuts-Kennedy, and – I’ll admit it – I’m an SME addict

For many years, I used my bookkeeping skills on my own family businesses, and I found that my talent for payroll and accounts eclipsed everything else. I had already trained and worked within the payroll and accounts industry for many years, so making the move to step out on my own just made sense. Having run my own small business; and having many friends in business as tradies and sole traders, I knew that my focus would always be on working with SMEs. Often, the smaller businesses and family-run enterprises struggle to meet their service demands, let alone their financial obligations. It’s not through poor management, it’s simply an unrealistic demand on time and resources.

Northland bookkeepers for sole traders, sparkies, plumbers, chippies… And you.

The truth is, you can’t be good at everything. We soon found that out with our own business – if you don’t outsource some aspects, you can soon find yourself swamped. We specialise in bookkeeping for tradies and sole traders because we understand how hard you all work, and we know how difficult it is to do everything by yourself. We don’t tell you how to run your business (unless you ask us to), we just make sure your books are tidy, and your accounts and payroll are working the way they should.

Are your books a mess? Don’t worry – we’ve seen worse! Call us in for a friendly cup of tea, and let us take a look. Chances are, it’s not that bad, and we’ll be able to have you fixed up and on your way in no time.

Payroll support, admin and virtual assistance

We don’t even need to be in your way at all – our payroll support services are less intrusive than you’d imagine, and if it’s just a little TLC on the admin side of things, we offer virtual assistance to keep your business ticking over from afar. We can help a little or a lot: it’s completely up to you.

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